9 EASY, Healthy Kitchen Substitiutions

We’re all bred for convenience these days.  I’m guilty.  I want dinner in 20 minutes and the kids in bed so I can sit on the couch, watch Netflix, check my social media, play a shitty game on my ipad and read a book on my tablet all in that hour or two before bed. Same goes for looking after myself.


I want healthy food and I want it now! The first step? Prepare more of your meals at home, yourself.


It actually doesn’t take much more than a little planning to change your kitchen into a healthy hotspot.


Here’s my top 5, easy, kitchen substitutions to help you make a start to your healthier, far more awesome life:


  1. Use coconut oil to cook.  You can buy in bulk online or at health food shops it’s no more expensive than olive oil.  Use olive oil for salads and dressings. As you explore and experiment more you will find more and more uses for coconut oil from raw desserts to coffee to oil pulling, toothpaste… check out Pinterest if you don’t believe me. If you are one of this people who doesn’t like the taste? Go for the purified version it’s still gonna be a better choice than nasty, GMO vegetable oil
  2. Use raw, organic apple cider vinegar. It’s all you need for a salad dressing. Add a splash to filtered water to alkalise. The benefits are endless. Again, search pinterest if you don’t believe me
  3. Buy more organic vegetables.  Go to the local farmers markets. They taste better, last better, fill you up more and cost more.  How is better that they cost more? You’ll be sure to use them all up! No way will I waste those organic bananas they were $8 a kilo! No more limp and moldy vegetables in the fridge hurrah!
  4. Wash and store all your veggies properly as soon as you get them home. They’ll fill the fridge with goodness and last all week.  Get the kids involved – farmers markets are a great family outing on a Sunday morning.  It’s never too early to start caring for our food and discussing what foods we like and why they are good for us.
  5. Find new recipes and techniques for whatever you bought at the markets to keep it interesting this week.  Noodle the zucchinis.  Use a peeler to shave carrots, zucchinis and long things into ribbons.  Grate beetroots and apples and drench them in apple cider vinegar.  Roast, stir fry, poach in broth, slow cook…inspiration is everywhere! Just try one new recipe each week to build your repertoire.
  6. Fill the pantry with healthy baking alternatives like arrowroot, coconut flour, almond meal, buckwheat, quinoa… do the shopping and find recipes in your spare time in front of the tv.  You spent all that money at the health food shop – find out what to do with it!  As you browse new, healthy recipes you’ll find new ingredients you’ve collected and used before.  Here’s my idea of an essential shopping list for better health.

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