It’s Impossible to Pour from an Empty Cup

These wise words came from my amazing 5 year old last year (she’s nearly 7 at the time of writing)

It’s my all time favourite mantra.

She’d been taught at school to always be a “Bucket filler” not a “Bucket spiller” A cute metaphor to encourage the kids to be supportive and generous to each other rather than always taking and not thinking of each other’s feelings.

Let’s face it – if everyone took from each other’s bucket all the time, we’d all have nothing left to give!

Sometimes as adults we need to take a moment and recharge or refill our own buckets, or cups or whatever it is that we metaphorically pour from…  We often give all of ourselves to our work, study, family and partner and leave nothing for ourselves. 

I wrote a list of simple things I do to refill my cup, recharge my soul and be ready to give more when I am asked.


Do yourself and those around you a favour and keep your cup full by taking the time to respect, love, care and look after yourself.

As always, please feel free to share this with your friends:

  • Go to bed early/sleep in. Sleep fixes most things
  • Skip the workout in favour of a rest day – I’ll come back stronger next time. Even a variation in your exercise will work.
  • Stay home and watch a movie. A good one that takes your mind off everything
  • Walk on the beach – or even just drive past the beach (I love the ocean)
  • Ring and speak to an old friend
  • Play your fave music – really loud!
  • Go for a bush walk, find a waterfall, climb a hill – appreciate nature and the grand scale of time and space compared to the current issue you might be facing
  • Get a change of scenery/routine. Anything to mix it up a bit.
  • Try some deep breathing or meditation.  There are loads of free apps to get you started – I use headspace
  • Try a new class at the gym or a new hobby…redecscover an old one? Pick up that guitar and recall what excited you about it
  • Book a massage and really unwind.  

What recharges your batteries? Post in the comments below.  Feel free to share this to your facebook or friends.

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