My Top 7 Tips to Always Feel Amazing!

It’s so easy to get caught up eating rubbish food, take aways, eating out, freebies at school or work functions, BBQs, a few cheeky drinks on a school night that leads into wondering when your last AFD (alcohol free day) was.

It helps if you can remember what it feels like to feel truly great and what it takes to get there.

Here’s a list I use to remind myself why I shouldn’t have a few beers and order take aways on a tuesday night:

  1. There’s really no such thing as healthy, fast food take-aways. If they say it’s healthy, it usually means they substitute brown rice or a wrap instead of a bun or they’re not quite telling you everything…how much vegetable oil is in that marinade or dressing? How fresh is the salad? How much protein do you get? Chances are I’ll regret it straight after I eat it.
  2. I had a few beers on friday…and Saturday…and it was really hot sunday so I had one when a mate dropped in. I need to break the cycle.
  3. Why did I go shopping at the markets for and buy all that beautiful produce if I’m too lazy to cook it?
  4. I’ll sleep much better if I just have a herbal tea instead of a wine.
  5. I always find I eat too much and then feel sick afterwards. Yeah the fried rice with the curry sauce is amazing! Infact I always order too much! I could have spent those $ way better…my body needs nutrients not loads of carbs and vege oil.
  6. There’s never enough prawns in the stir-fry! And they’re just frozen rubbery things from overseas when we have amazing seafood right here on our doorstep. (I know not relevant to everyone reading this but this is my list I’m sharing with you here 🙂
  7. My pants were starting to feel more comfortable and I don’t want them to get tight again… I need that extra room for a real treat on the weekend when I have earned it!
  8. (BONUS) My wife is going through her own list in her head right now and all it takes is one of us to look at the other – Be strong! Cook dinner, charge up the soda stream and squeeze lime in that sucker!

What strategies do you use to remind yourself to respect your body. Often we give all of ourselves to other people or to our work or study.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup” my 5 year old once told me.

Do yourself and those around you a favour and keep your cup full by taking the time to respect, love, care and look after yourself.

As always guys, please share this with your friends.

I also find it helpful to make a list of things you can do to recharge your batteries or “refill your cup” in a healthful, positive way.

Get my list here

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