My Top Five Tips to Cook Your Own Food With a Conscience

Cook the food you love, from the heart using touch, feel, smell and all of your  senses.  Use fresh, real ingredients not from a recipe book full of expensive, rare items and perfectly staged photos

  1. Use ingredients that are in season and local because that’s when they are at their best (organic where affordable and of good quality) summer is for stonefruit and mangoes not strawberries or citrus

  2. Choose ingredients based on their nutritional profile and of benefit to your health eg: all of the plants, animals that ate plants, quality organic dairy where tolerated, nothing processed or in a packet. I avoid processed, GMO grains and legumes mostly because I never really loved them anyway…and they give you gas and cause inflammation
  3. Use real flavour boosters for even more nutritional benefit AND flavour ehancement (turmeric, chili, all the herbs, real fermented sauerkraut, raw apple cider vinegar and honey, the organic spice rack, real stock or “bone broth”
  4. Think ahead, cook extra, freeze portions, get comfortable in the kitchen, allow time, use Pinterest, FB, Insta for inspiration, shop at farmers markets.

  5. You’re buying great quality produce, don’t waste it! Leftover ends of cooked and raw vegetables at the end of the week make great soup when simmered and pureed with your bone broth and can be frozen for emergency use.  I often top my soup with a quick stir fry of protein and greens to complete the meal.

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