SUGAR CRAVINGS. Here’s how to beat them.

The hardest bit about transitioning to a real-food, grain-free, paleo-friendly, Food with a Conscience style of eating is knowing how to avoid the cravings.  I’ve been there before, sometimes all you need is chocolate. As much as possible in as short a time as possible!

Often it’s just a habit.  That 5pm, cooking dinner, tickle in the throat that signals it’s time for a wine. That rush of blood to the head that tells you another slice of fresh, crusty bread will be amazing lathered in butter and salt. The endorphin release that follows a chocolate it You know it?

Don’t panic  It’s totally normal.

I’m here to tell you: It’s the way we’re wired!

Sugar, alcohol, bread, carbs (all the same thing really) are as bad as DRUGS

That’s why I’ve put together a few of my best strategies to help you beat chocolate cravings,  avoid sugar cravings, stop alcohol cravings and control your real-food destiny!


  • Fat is your friend.  When you first cut out grains – meaning most of the starchy carbs are missing from your old way of life.  Your body will be looking for them.  This is when you reach for the sugary treats to soothe the savage beast inside.  My tip? Eat more fat! The good kind of course, from coconut, avocadoes, MCT oil, organic ghee or butter, organic animal fat.
  • Eat a spoonfull? No gross! Well you can if you want but… try a smoothie with some coconut water, coconut cream, raw cacao and ice. It’s my goto craving cure.  Also a great opportunity to add in supplements, superfoods or other things like chia seeds, raw cashews, protein powders, MCT oil…. Protein powders if you’re really trying to drop weight fast ( I don’t love them but they do have a purpose)
  • Use Organic, Raw Cacao.  It’s full of minerals, antioxidants and magnesium.  Often a chocolate craving is our body telling us we’re missing something. As you get cleaner with food you’ll tune in better to what your body is asking for.  
  • Supplement.  A diverse range of organic veg will give you most of your nutritional profile.  It doesn’t hurt to fill the gaps with a great quality multi vitamin – just not on an empty stomach.  Without testing and advice from a dr or naturopath this should pretty much cover all bases.
  • It’s normal to experience what people call “carb-flu” when you first omit them from your diet.  You can feel tired, foggy, headaches almost sick as your body is in a state of withdrawal.  If after 2-3 weeks of eating like a paleo god (did cavemen have gods?) you still feel flat it might mean you are deficient in something and you should seek advice to remedy this as naturally as possible
  • Drink water.  Loads of water. It fills your stomach, it flushes toxins, it circulates nutrients. Sparkle it, squeeze lemon or lime in it, fill it with ice.  Drink more water.
  • Fill your plate with greens every meal… and eat them.  Trust me it works!
  • Reduce the stressors in your life.  It aint that bad.  Shit happens whether you are worried about it or not.  If it’s not in your control – let it go.
  • Plan your next meal (if not the whole day or weeks worth) It’s too late to talk yourself down when it’s late, you’re already starving and reaching for the sugary convenience or take away food
  • Don’t have it in the house/car/office – make it easy for yourself to avoid the rubbish.  It’s too late once it’s in your mouth!
  • Be nice to yourself.  If you slip up, learn from it.  Every meal is another opportunity to nourish your body.  Make the most of every opportunity!

We only get one body and one life – please be kind to yourself 

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