To Thermomix or not to Thermomix

Easily the best investment I’ve made for my family and for Caffe Republic.
Yes that right we bought two!

It was my wife, Leena’s idea to get one for the shop…on the condition that she got one for home as well! So we went through the demo (which cured my scepticism immediately), got the free server thingys and spent the next few weeks eating lemon custard, fruit sorbet, mushroom risotto and steamed fish with soup just like the demo and cook books told us too.  All the while spruiking it’s worth to family and friends.

Instructing four, old-school chefs how to care for and operate this fancy, new, uber-blender was a very different story…but we got there.

Next came the food blog phase, it’s not difficult to find great, healthy recipes online developed especially for Thermie lovers. We love Quirky Cooking the most – Jo’s book is beautiful too, every recipe works and tastes amazing.

A few months in we start experimenting with raw treats at work. Add this to the growing list of other jobs the Thermie does better, easier and faster and that baby is in high demand!
We use it for all of our dressings.  From traditional Mayo, vegan cashew aioli, French vinaigrette, pesto. Basic prep for all our delicious salads, curry pastes, grinding flours, nut milks, coconut milk, cold brew coffee, frozen Acai bowls to order, Vegan “nice cream”, egg liason, nut butters, cauliflower rice, mixing & weighing traditional cake batters….it does not stop all day!

Until one day the error messages started coming thick and fast and our world came crashing down.

Head Chef Chad rings me at 6am “Can you bring your Thermie in Pete?”
“NO!” Says Leena but it’s either that or we might as well close the shop… Forget about it we cannot operate without a Thermomix. Every recipe has at least one process in it.

Thankfully my amazing rep Jo and the Thermo-team have it repaired & returned within a few days and we’re back in action. Same thing happens a few more times over the next two months and I am amazed at how quickly and efficiently they handle the repairs and get it back to me. It’s finally decided that we must wash all parts by hand and replace a bit of degraded plastic but since then it’s never missed a beat.
Other problems? The silly little MC that sits on top of the lid goes missing all.the.time. And the blade has broken a few times (better than burning out the motor) so I keep a few spares on hand. But that’s it!

How about at home? We still use it for every meal – not so much following recipes or blogs any more but that’s since I’ve learnt how to use it.
Lately the chefs have two days a week that are heavier on prep so they request the second Thermie from home (the test kitchen as I call it) to speed up their processes. How can I refuse? Besides there is a new model out now….we just need to save up a bit more for it.

Are you sitting on the fence?

If you love cooking (which is also why you are reading this blog) Do it!

If you are in the industry? Do it.

IF I went broke and had to go get a job tomorrow? I’d bring my thermo to work with my knife kit.

As if you needed another reason: the frozen margaritas are amazing!


  1. Katy P-Reply
    August 13, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Great article Pete. Just with they werent so expensive!

    • Pete-Reply
      August 15, 2016 at 9:02 am

      Totally worth it Katy, they last for ever have interest free finance deals all the time

  2. Amy-Reply
    September 23, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Totally worth it. I love my thermie. I bought a $700 Kenwood food processor three years ago and have only used it once since my thermomix came into my life and that was just to grate zucchini. I like the way the food processor does it better than the thermomix. But wish I’d bought my thermomix back then rather than the food processor.
    I love Skinnymixer recipes. Their butter chicken is devine.
    Would love to see some of your thermomix recipes on the blog, Pete.

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