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It’s not a competition!

Or is it? We are all well aware: The cafe and restaurant game is stronger than ever in our little town called Gold Coast. Chefs are bringing their most creative new ideas to the brekky, lunch & dinner arena daily. Owners design their restaurant space with almost bottomless budgets. Places are judged worthy of a visit by their Instagram following
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To Thermomix or not to Thermomix

Easily the best investment I’ve made for my family and for Caffe Republic. Yes that right we bought two! It was my wife, Leena’s idea to get one for the shop…on the condition that she got one for home as well! So we went through the demo (which cured my scepticism immediately), got the free server thingys and spent the

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My Top Five Tips to Cook Your Own Food With a Conscience

Cook the food you love, from the heart using touch, feel, smell and all of your  senses.  Use fresh, real ingredients not from a recipe book full of expensive, rare items and perfectly staged photos Use ingredients that are in season and local because that’s when they are at their best (organic where affordable and of good quality) summer is for stonefruit and

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